Best Hydraulic Clutch Kit for Dirt Bikes: Review & Installation Guide

No matter what way you look at it, the clutch on your bike is super duper important. Without it, you have no bike and with a good one, you’ll be popping wheelies for the best part of the weekdays and twice on a Sunday.

The problem is that finding a good clutch is like trying to draw water from a stone. It’s very hard!

In fact, trying to find the best clutch for your bike is even more difficult, especially if you’re looking to get the most out of it.

Thats exactly why I put this post together, so you can get a little help in making the right decision.

By reading this, you’ll be able to quickly identify a few key specs to look out for so you can narrow it down to a few choices before you purchase.

Bear in mind! this is a post on hydraulic clutches! So if you’re looking for a cable clutch, then read this before you buy! Let’s dig in!

What's In This Guide?

      What’s a Hydraulic clutch?

      The hydraulic clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages power from the engine and provides a transmission as the rider change gears.

      This is done when the pressurized hydraulic fluid is forced into the apparatus.

      In simple, the application of a clutch and engine is connected, so when you pull the clutch lever there is pressure applied to the fluid inside which will then apply the clutch on the engine allowing you to change gear, and have a smooth gear change at that.

      With a hydraulic clutch, you won’t need to apply a lot of pressure as its designed to be lighter than a more commonly known cable clutch. That means that with just a little pressure you ll be good to change gear which in turn will allow you to pass through the gears much faster.

      Today I’m going to take you through a few of the best clutches I’d recommend in general, as well as maintain, installation and application of hydraulic clutches too.

      Below is a list of the best clutches that will fit a majority of the most commonly used off-road bikes in the country.

      List of the best hydraulic clutches

      • 7/8” 22mm Left Hydraulic Clutch Lever Master Cylinder For Dirt Bike
      • 7/8” 22mm Universal Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder & Clutch Lever
      • Magura Hydraulic clutch System
      • 120cm Line Red Hydraulic Clutch Lever Master Cylinder Pump For Pit Dirt Bike Motorcycle
      • Dirt Bike Folding CNC Billet Parts Pivot F3 Universal Hydraulic Clutch Lever For Honda CR250R
      • Generic Universal Dirt Bike ATV Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake Clutch Lever Master Cylinder
      • 1PCS CNC Hydraulic Clutch Lever Cylinder Master Motorcycle Brake Pump Universal

      To give you a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a hydraulic clutch, in the next section I go in-depth comparing the differences in both.

      Difference between Hydraulic clutches & Cable clutches 

      Hydraulic Clutch

      This is a clutch mechanism that works with the help of hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic system in bikes is designed to reduce the effort on pedals or lever and be adjusted easily and connect the pedal with the clutch.

      Working: The application includes different hydraulic components like clutch slave cylinder, clutch pedal, pushrod and clutch master cylinder.

      When the clutch pedal is pushed in, the push rod acts and move towards the master cylinder.

      This action leads to the hydraulic fluid release. The fluid runs from piping and goes into the slave cylinder to push the clutch pedal. 

      The fluid needs to be changed or refilled at regular basis and be advised not to experiment with a different fluid. When the fluid gets low the clutch will get stiff and pedals will get heavy.

      Price: The price of a hydraulic clutch starts from 30$ to 630$ (Us dollars)


      • Reduces pedal effort
      • Easy installation
      • Direct connection between clutch and lever or pedal
      • Self-adjusting clutch plates


      • Expensive 
      • Fluid can damage the seals and rot the pipe
      • Both cylinders have to be replaced if one gets damaged.

      Cable Clutch

      With the use of a cable clutch, the lever force when pushed is transferred through a steel wire that is covered with flexible cable known as Bowden cable. The Bowden cable act as a linkage of mechanical force or energy by the movement of inner steel cable.

      Working: The cable is connected with the clutch lever. When the clutch has engaged the power from the engine is transferred to the wheels. And as you squeeze the clutch the transfer of power also stops. At this point in time, the gears are changed manually according to the required environment.

      Price: The price of a cable clutch is quite affordable as the price starts from £2 to £56


      • Cheap
      • Easy to fit
      • Simple mechanism
      • Easily Available


      • Can stretch and break
      • Requires regular checking and lubrication
      • Chances of corrosion

      Wrapping up

      Now that you know why a hydraulic clutch is definitely for you. Its time to go shopping and take a look at the best choices on the market. So thats exactly what we’ll get into in the next section.

      It’s time for you to check out the best hydraulic clutches for off-road motorcycles, don’t confuse off-road motorcycle and dirt bike to other products. The difference is only in its name. So, without further ado let us read the reviews of 4 best hydraulics available in the market today.

      Best hydraulic clutches for off-road motorbikes

      1 1

      1.Magura Hydraulic Clutch System

      Description: Smooth and light kit with a very wide friction zone for better and easy stopping. It is ready to install material after the unboxing.

      It consists of a master cylinder, lever with hydraulic hose and slave cylinder. The clutch engagement remains tip-top even after motor heating and worn clutch plates. The lever pivots are made of strong good quality metal.

      Price: The price of Magura Hydraulic clutch system is around £300


      • Easy maintenance
      • Does not heat quickly
      • Installation is simple


      • Weak basket and stock plates
      • Chances of hydraulic hose to get burn

      Ratings (Out of 10)

      Durability: 7

      Installation: 9.5

      Performance: 9

      Overall: 8

      2 1

      2.7/8” 22mm Left Hydraulic Clutch Lever Master Cylinder For Dirt Bike

      Description: A Deal Zone branded clutch, perfect for a vertical engine in the left front placement. Oil Hose length of about 120m and lever length of approx. 12.5cm. It is made of durable aluminium for extreme strength.

      Price: The price of this product is around £56


      • Easy availability
      • Strong and durable
      • Cheap


      • Require intense care and maintenance

      Ratings: (Out of 10)

      Durability: 9

      Installation: 8

      Performance-: 8

      Overall: 8

      Check this clutch out on Amazon here.

      2222 clutch kit 1 1

      3. 7/8” 22mm Universal Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder & Clutch Kit

      Description: Branded and high-quality material with CNC aluminium alloy that provides easy control. Universal fit for street bike, sports bike, scooter, and dirt bike. With a 22mm handlebar.

      Price: With a price tag of £104


      • High Durability Lever body
      • Reliable
      • Easy Installation


      • Expensive

      Ratings: (Out of 10)

      Durability: 8

      Installation: 8

      Performance-: 7

      Overall: 8

      clutch kit 4 1 1

      4. Dirt Bike Folding CNC Billet F3 Universal Hydraulic Clutch Kit For Honda CR250R

      Description: A universal type clutch manufactured by CN with top quality 6061 T6 aluminium alloy and bearing for high performance. Lever folding pivot to minimize damage. High durability and outstanding grip.

      Price: Available in cheap price varying from £25 to £40


      • Solid grip
      • Folding Pivot 
      • Reliable Manufacturer
      • Affordable 


      • Complex installation
      • Maintenance often required

      Ratings: (Out of 10)

      Durability: 9

      Installation: 7

      Performance-: 10

      Overall: 8.5

      Now, before you break your piggy bank for money to buy those reliable and important parts for your dirt bike here are some points for you to consider before buying hydraulics clutches.

      What to consider

      Here is a buyer’s guide for consideration.


      The material in the hydraulic clutches often includes the use of aluminium, metal, copper in wiring, Bowden cable and different other organic compounds. Mainly the clutch body should be strong enough that it does not get damaged with regular use.

      Determine the hydraulic fluid quality and suitability. Griping should also be solid.


      Be aware of low-quality product as your safety depends on it. Manufacturing is an important factor to consider because with the advance technologies the processing is also made simpler.

      This means the modern-day manufacturing companies should make their product simple and durable for everyone’s accessibility. The hydraulic clutch system should not be too complex in installation and maintenance.


      ultimately, no matter what else you find to be true. Everything boils down to whether it’s worth the cash. By educating yourself around this area, then you’ll have no problems in getting a good deal.

      Clutches are not going to set you back too much and a good clutch might stand you in a little more than expected, but it’s well worth it if it does a good job.

      Where Can I Find Cheap Hydraulic Clutch Kits?

      Now when you have considered the above-mentioned points it’s time for you to go shopping. So to help you save your energy and search outside in stores for the product here below are some websites from which you can order the desired hydraulic clutch kit just by sitting on your couch.

      1. Amazon

      Amazon is the home for shoppers. From A to Z product available along with the hydraulic clutch.

      Pros: Easily available at affordable prices. 

      Cons: Quality can be an issue

      2. Alibaba

      Globally recognized website with multiple options on different products. Good for shopping accessories.

      Pros: Variety of hydraulic clutches available

      Cons: Server Error is common in this site.

      3. Shopee

      If you are looking for a motor or mechanical products Shopee is the place for you to checkout. The filter option is also easy to use.

      Pros: Provide a variety of offer and deals 

      Cons: Slow servicing 

      4. Banggood

      It is an Indian website, a very recognized site for coupons and deals also deals internationally.

      Pros: Very quick response team and simple landing page

      Cons: Quality product issues

      5. Kiron

      This is the website dealing with motorcycle parts, Kiron has a wide variety of quality products available with a different tie-up with similar websites.

      Pros: Well organized website landing page

      Cons: Limited options

      How to install a hydraulic clutch kit on an off-road motorcycle

      Here is a simple quick guide to installing the hydraulic clutch kit on an off-road motorcycle 

      Step 1: Check whether your hydraulic clutch components are all available and if ready move on to the second step.

      Step 2: Get your motorcycle manual insight, it might be handy.

      Step 3: Remove the old worn out or damaged hydraulic clutch connected to the clutch release lever. Remove the handguard if you have any. 

      Step 4: Install a new hydraulic clutch component by attaching the hydraulic clutch lever assembly to the handlebar.

      Step 5: Next you attach the electric connection to the newly installed hydraulic assembly. 

      Step 6: Connect the hydraulic clutch with the hydraulic cylinder with the help of cable, this will operate the clutch release lever. 

      Step 7: Now connect the end of the operator or actuator of the hydraulic cable to the engine. 

      Step 8: Make sure when you apply the mineral oil in the newly installed assembly, there are no air bubbles in the hydraulic system.

      Step 9: Adjust the screw to fully disengage the lever when the clutch is pulled in.

      Step 10: Take a test drive and see for yourself the applied changes.

      Installation and purchasing is an interesting part but to keep an eye on those installed part or a newly purchased item is quite difficult especially if you don’t know the warning signs that your bike is giving out.

      So here are a few tips to help you identify when your clutch is failing or about to pack up.

      Signs that your clutch is on it’s way out

      A machine is something that won’t last forever. Every manufacturing company knows and claims that their company product is unbeatable and cannot have damage issues, but we all know the truth. 

      The motorcycle parts you buy today will get damaged or worn out itself with the passage of time, but it surely will do. It is a natural process. But the damage that is about to take place in your clutch can be identified and can be prevented from potential damage. So here are some tips to identify if your clutch is about to get on its way out.

      1. Difficulty in changing gear

      The gears system is smooth and should be kept that way, but if you are noticing the gears are getting stiff or it is taking you extra effort than normal, then it can be a sign that your clutch is maybe on its way out.

      2. Burning

      If the smell is arising only when you change gear but is faded the other time is because of the friction of slipping clutch and is a sign that, it is time for you to get your clutch to replace.

      3. High RPM

      An unusual RPM during riding your bike out on the road or even at idle is a good indicator that something may be wrong. In this situation, I’d recommend you investigate further and do some basic checks on your bike to see what it may be.

      4. Motorbike Hesitates

      When your clutch is damaged or has some kind of issue your bike may hesitate while accelerating. A weak fuel pump can also be the cause here, but you’ll have to do some manual checks to clearly identify what the problem may be.

      5. Keep checking

      Yes, this is the most important tip that will be given to you by a pro biker, maintain your clutch hydraulic fluid if you use one, or be aware of the wear and tear of Bowden cable if you are using a cable clutch.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      How do you adjust the hydraulic clutch?

      Answer: The hydraulic clutch is designed to work to your advantage, so most hydraulic clutches are self-adjusting. Others have to be adjusted manually.

      Is Hydraulic fluid important if I install a hydraulic clutch system in my motorbike?

      Answer: Yes, of course, it is important, in fact without hydraulic fluid the power will not be transferred to hydraulic machinery, which is responsible to perform vital and crucial work in the motorbike.

      Why would my hydraulic clutch master cylinder not compress?

      Answer: It is because of the prime reason that you have run out of hydraulic fluid.


      By reading this post you should now have a clear idea as to what clutch is the best for your bike, the benefits of each type and where to buy them too. There are many reasons why I believe a hydraulic clutch is better, and I hope that from reading this you can see why they are too.

      Leon Angus

      Leon Angus

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      Leon Angus

      Leon Angus

      I love bikes. All types, but mainly motorbikes (or motorcycles for those in the U.S.). I'm a qualified Motorsport Engineer that currently lives in the UK and drives trains for a living (weird combo, don't ask), I love to cook, into fitness and ride bikes for funsies! This website is my path back into the motor industry where I can share helpful advice for bikers along the way. Learn More about my mission here

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