What Motorbikes Can You Ride with a CBT License?

With all the changes that are currently taking place in the UK, it’s probably a good idea to brush up on what bikes you’re legal to ride. Police have been cracking down on illegal riders and a large majority of riders have been prosecuted for riding without the legal license unintentionally.

It’s for that reason that I decided to put together a resource so we can end this conversation once and for all. Which still leaves one stone unturned;

“what motorbikes you can ride with a CBT license?”

Although CBT motorcycle licenses have several restrictions mainly on where you can ride and the number of passengers you can carry, there is a myriad of mopeds, motorbikes, and scooters in the 50cc-125cc.

Among some of the top motorcycle models in the 50cc category include Honda Vision 50, Yamaha Aerox R 50, Vespa Sprint 50 2T, and Aprilia RS4 50 Replica. Top bikes in the 125cc category include Yamaha WR 125X, Scomadi TL125, KTM 125 Duke, Honda CBF 125, and many more. 

What's In This Guide?

      How much does a CBT license give you?

      A CBT motorcycle license covers scooters, motorbikes, and mopeds in the 50cc-125cc range. If you’re below 17 years or have just completed your CBT test, motorcycles on a 50cc range are probably your best option.

      However, you should also note that your license eligibility will depend on the size of the motorcycle you can ride. 

      Besides, there are also several key factors you should consider before choosing a bike. Although a CBT license will cover motorcycles of up to 125cc, there are several factors you should put into consideration before making a purchase. 

      Among these factors include thinking about your end game while choosing your ideal motorcycle. For instance, if you’re looking to progress to a bigger motorcycle in the future, a 125cc manual is your perfect option.

      If you’re content with a CBT license and want a scooter to commute to work, a 50cc ranging to 125cc automatic will probably be your best option. 

      Top motorcycles you can ride on a CBT license 

      Yamaha Aerox R 50 
      If you want to look cool whilst still staying legal, then check out the Aerox R 50. This bike features an exceptional design with a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine and lightweight chassis. Note that riders under the age of 17 are restricted to the casual speed of 28mph. As of 2019, you can pick up a brand new Yamaha R 50 for just around £2,400.
      Vespa Sprint 50 2T
      If you are looking for a sporty and colorful bike, you should try out Vespa Sprint. It is the ideal option if you are looking for a simple bike to nip around town during the summer.

      The Vespa is a well-built bike that is not only super comfy but also features numerous designs. The cheapest option is about £3,300. Notably, Vespas are also well-known for their ability to retain their market worth.
      Aprilia RS4 50 Replica 
      If you are a fan of design, speed, and elegance, you should try out the RS4 50. It incorporates everything you would need in a superbike. However, the RS4 50cc if meant for those with deep pockets or riders who cannot wait to ride the bike of their dreams. A brand new RS4 50cc will go for about £3,800.
      125cc MOTORBIKES
      If you are 17 years and above, you can legally ride a 125cc motorcycle after passing your CBT test. Below are several options of the 125cc to check out for after you pass out.
      Yamaha YZF-R125
      The YZF-R125 is ideal for individuals looking for a lightweight bike with super-sport design. The amazing super-bike is capable of cruising on a top speed of 80Mph.

      Although it is not possible to hit such speeds on a CBT license, a beautiful bike with an amazing design is all it takes to make your dream come true. Besides, the Yamaha YZF-R125 is relatively lighter than the majority of the big sports bike, which makes it an ideal option for cruising around town. 
      Honda CBF 125
      This is probably one of the most popular 125cc models. Its popularity is because it is quite cheap and reliable. A brand new Honda CBF 125 will cost you about £2,500, which is cheaper than the majority of 125s.

      Can you ride these motorbikes on a FULL UK driver’s license?

      As of 2019, you are still legally permitted to ride anywhere from a 50cc to 125cc motorcycle with a full UK driving license.

      For more details on the exact categories, you ca ride with a UK driver’s license you can read more here.

      How much does the CBT test cost?

      Understanding what costs lay ahead will allow you to prepare accordingly and really know what you’re getting yourself into.

      The price of a CBT test is dependent on two factors; where and when you want to take your training. Note that there is a difference in the pricing between completing your CBT test on a weekday or on the weekend. 

      Anyone over the age of 16 can take a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for an approximate fee of about £120 for the day. You are also required to purchase the required riding gear before taking the test.

      A full-face helmet will cost around £30, £20 for a pair of waterproof gloves, £30 for a bike lock, trousers will cost around £70, and a jacket for about £90. After completing your CBT, you are allowed to ride with an L plate for up to 2 years.  

      Are you legal to carry passengers with a CBT license?

      Any rider without an L plate can carry a passenger. However, for riders with a CBT license, they have to wait for two years to get an A1 license.

      Typically, riders with a CBT license are usually still learning. So whilst it is legal to carry, I would still recommend that you asses your level of confidence and skill before taking others on board.

      According to the current UK licensing & law, if you acquired your full car license before 1st February 2001 and have a CBT license, you are allowed to carry passengers.

      Are CBT licenses valid in other countries?

      If you have a license, that means you qualify to be a driver. Although there are limitations on age, speed limits, and engine power in most countries, the majority of the countries across the world allow riders with a CBT license.

      Among these countries include Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Belgium, France, and many more. Surprisingly, some of these countries have a minimum age limit for mopeds as low as 14. What’s more, most European countries allow CBT riders to ride 125cc bikes for a minimum age of 16. 

      The Need to know!

      Getting a license is the first process in being a qualified rider. There are a few things you are required to comply with the attempt of acquiring an A1 or A2 license.

      One is that you’ll need to ensure you are always riding with the correct protective gear. This includes a minimum:

      • Helmet
      • Gloves
      • Jacket

      The other is making sure that your motorcycle is fully road legal, which means you’ll need to have:

      • A valid MOT certificate
      • Valid Tax
      • Valid Insurance

      Make sure that you service your bike on a regular basis and always check your tires meet the minimum tread depth of 1mm.

      Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

      1. How much is a CBT test?

      Different countries and training institutions offer different prices. The average amount per day is about £120. Note that some of these prices might include hiring fees on helmets and other protective gear. 

      2. Can I buy a CBT test certificate?

      Of course NOT”. Although there are reported cases of training institutions selling certificates to unqualified individuals, purchasing a CBT certificate without completing the full training is illegal. 

      3. Can I ride a 125cc at the age of 16 with a CBT certificate?

      The majority of European countries have age and engine capacity limitations. Normally, 16-year-old riders are limited to motorbikes with a 50cc. They are given an allowance of two years to try out the bigger engines.

      4. How long does it take to get a CBT license?

      Depending on the country you are in, license processing takes a few minutes to around three months.

      5. What do I need during the test?

      Besides the training fee, you are required to have the appropriate motorcycle gear, including a glove, helmet, and a jacket. 


      If you are looking to get on two wheels quickly, then the first thing you’ll need is a CBT license. Although there are limitations to what and where you can ride, after reading this post you should have a general idea as to what route is best to take.

      A CBT test is no more than a day, and if you got a bike already then there are places you can practice before you go up. Just be sure that you always stay on the right side of the law and I wish you the best of luck on the journey.

      Leon Angus

      Leon Angus

      I love bikes. All types, but mainly motorbikes (or motorcycles for those in the U.S.). I'm a qualified Motorsport Engineer that currently lives in the UK and drives trains for a living (weird combo, don't ask), I love to cook, into fitness and ride bikes for funsies! This website is my path back into the motor industry where I can share helpful advice for bikers along the way. Learn More about my mission here

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      Leon Angus

      Leon Angus

      I love bikes. All types, but mainly motorbikes (or motorcycles for those in the U.S.). I'm a qualified Motorsport Engineer that currently lives in the UK and drives trains for a living (weird combo, don't ask), I love to cook, into fitness and ride bikes for funsies! This website is my path back into the motor industry where I can share helpful advice for bikers along the way. Learn More about my mission here

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